NEX GEN DESTRUCTION 2018 Rofstoei – Pro Wrestling

NEX GEN DESTRUCTION 2018 Rofstoei – Pro Wrestling

With the build-up of APWA’s greatness over the years now comes a time where change will ignite. Be a part of history as APWA hosts a new chapter in professional wrestling.

*Be a part of “NEX GEN DESTRUCTION 2018”!
– Date: 25th February 2018
– Time: 13:30
– Tickets: R30.00 per person – children under 5 free entrance
– Venue: Rex Street/Newlands Roodepoort, Danie van Zyl
Recreational Center

The event will showcase diversity in professional wrestling, with different styles, superstars and mouth-watering action. Bring your friends and family to a live pro wrestling event that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

With a super card line up:

1. Rookie of the Year 2018 – fatal five way.

(RJ VS Maverick VS Autum VS Dalton Hades VS Ashton Heyy)

2. Mystery Superstar Surprise Return!!!

3. Game Changers Open Challenge

4. Inyanga vs Mia Van Doom


5. 7 Man – Money In The Bank Ladder Match

(ANANZI vs Loudmouth vs Blizzard vs Ultimate Nathan vs Zizou vs El Mascarado vs ???)