Ultimate Nathan

Ultimate Nathan


Ultimate Nathan

“The Undisputed Saviour of Professional Wrestling”, is one of APWA’s hottest stars. Ultimate Nathan is a descendant of Indian Royalty and is the leader of the Game Changers. From leaving India, forfeiting his throne as Prince and going rogue on his village – he has grown eager to follow his dream – and that’s to prove he is the best wrestler who ever lived. Gaining external exposure because of his massive ego and a journey of healing delinquents, Ultimate Nathan aims to revolutionize Professional Wrestling in South African.

He is a dangerous charismatic antagonist, he seeks any dirty minded deed to reach his own desires. He believes he is the absolute best and is a gift to the industry in SA. He tramples on any who seem to be a threat to his master plan. With forces to help him, he has become a bigger threat.

His represents diversity, as he can attack from any angle and adapt to many different styleS, he is a hybrid wrestler, a jack of all trades – Knee strikes, technicality, submissions and flight, he looks to be reaching a complete fighting style. He is outspoken and is gaining much attention because of this. Like his other counter parts, Ultimate Nathan belongs to the Elite new generation of SA Professional Wrestlers. He has come to the APWA to leave a legacy and prove his supremacy. From twisting the minds of his fellow APWA wrestlers to targeting many big names in South Africa. Ultimate Nathan shows sparks of making a real impact in the Professional Wrestling world.


Signature Moves

Balandiore Neckbreaker

Tiger Barrage Cutter (Running Cutter/RKO)

Rolling Knee Bar Submission



Ultimate Revolution (Reverse GTS)




“Rookie of the year” 2016

APWA Tag-Team Champion

DPW Inter-Provincial Champion















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