The Loudmouth

The Loudmouth


Name: Donovan theLoudMouth

Age: 32

Weight: 130kg’s

Hometown: Johannesburg

Height: 1.78m

Gimmick: Heel, Comedic, Brash and Cocky, Antagonist of crowds and hurter of opponents. My character is one of being a fast talker and cocky antagonist.

Fighting Style:  Brawler, Hired Muscle


Wrestling: 1 time APWA Tag-Team Champion with Blizzard

Duration: 5 Months

Most Improved Wrestler AWPA 2012

Other wrestling Achievements:

3 Time Best Commentator Award 2008-09-10

Bio: Started my wrestling career with commentating but realized that bashing peoples faces in was much better.  Started full-time training in 2008 and was one of the first pupils at APWA. I have honed my craft to where I can match anyone in the ring with technique or brutal blunt force. I am a one time holder of the APWA tag-team titles. Known to rile up the crowd just with the sultry sounds of my voice.Hated for my good looks and personality.Loved for my quick wit and insults. Naturally gifted on the microphone and has the voice of an angel.

The 5 Moves of Doom

  1. Full Nelson Sit-out Power-Slam (Bubba – Bomb) Now Known as Sonic Boom
  2. Samoan Drop
  3. Clothesline to seated opponent
  4. Various Splashes and Avalanches to corner opponent
  5. Back Splat (Rolling somersault on prone opponent)


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