Growing up in the farm lands of South Africa, RJ was bestowed with a hardworking attitude from a child. As he grew older he began to master natural brute strength, this lead him to pursue wrestling. He wrestled almost anything from animals to the strongest in his region, after beating everyone in sight, he set his eyes on finding a new challenge in the APWA.

RJ is a hunter by trade, but also shows love and compassion to the natural world. He shows both pride and humbleness towards his opponent, he never forgets the teachings of respect. He uses his strength to get the best of his opposition – however this wild man is surprisingly agile and can throw caution to the wind. He is a crowd favourite and shows true glimpses of a true champion. He is definitely a star in the making and he has platform of the APWA to prove it – his dream like many others is to become APWA champion.

Rj like many of his counterparts is part of the new generational elite wrestlers of South Africa. Who does this hunter prey on next?


The Big Fall (Top rop inverted splash)


Big 5 Killer (Hang man rope assisted inverted neck breaker)