Kyle Ripley

Name: Kyle K.O Ripley™.
Height: 5ft 7 – 176 cm.
Weight: 90kg – 198 pounds.
Age: 24.
Location: Roodepoort,JHB,SA.
Funny,confident a Peoples person,Humble,Respectful &Passionate.
Wrestling style:
Boxing, MMA style with a bit of Technical and High flying.
Signature Moves:
1) Triple flying headbutts™.
2) Face crack™ (kick to stomach the pulling down skull onto knee).
3)Cable crusher™(kick to the back of head and running insiguri).
4)Wasabi splash™(front somersault).
5)Superman punch™.
Finishers:   1) K.O theory™(flat-liner).        2) Big bang™.
Biggest achievement:
Becoming a wrestling superstar and wrestling some of the biggest names in SA wrestling.
Wrestling was my dream since childhood watching it on television every day  inspired by it to become a professional wrestler.In 2010 I left Amateur boxing to pursue my dream and started my wrestling career at APWA as the fighting machine K.O with the classic entrance song(we will rock you – by Queen).My success grew as time went on with my better known alias Danie K.O Koen that has remained a success up on to this day,but 2014 begins a new as I start with my new alias Kyle K.O Ripley the playful peoples person where the people matters to me because they are the main reason why I started wrestling wanting to entertain fans across the world.I am very respectful and humble