Full results for the APWA/ WWP Wrestling Show held this past weekend

Full results for the APWA/ WWP Wrestling Show held this past weekend …

First off the show started with a heartfelt tribute to SA face with all the wrestlers paying their respects to their fallen comrade and the show was dedicated to him.

As the show started, Ananzi brought John Axel into the ring to ask him about the future of The APWA championship as since John Axel was injured 6 months ago, the belt hasn’t been defended, After a refusal to give up the title, a call to the big boss himself Mark Beale settled the issue, if John Axel relinquished the title he would be as of immediate effect the new general manager of APWA.

Jumping at the opportunity, John Axel announced that he would take up the position and that the title will be vacant until next month when there will be a royal rumble to determine the new champion and told Ananzi to get ready as he will have a match later that night.

As the new boss John Axel immediately put Kyle Ripley into a match, choosing his opponent to be The Ultimate Nathan, and adding the stipulation that if the Ultimate Nathan won the match then he would get an All African Championship shot.


With some interference from the new GM, Ultimate Nathan won the match after a sneaky low blow to Kyle Ripley and earning a shot at the strap although after the match Kyle held Nathan hostage to get into the rumble for next month. Axel agreed to the stipulation and Kyle ended up dropping Nathan anyway.

Feeling sorry for Nathan the new GM gave him some help in his championship match by bringing out Jay Titan to help him out against the Man Mountain Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro had some help of his own though requesting that the WWP heavyweight Champion Mr. Wrestling be the special referee for the match, and in what can only be described as a complete slaughter, Kilimanjaro destroyed both Jay Titan and The Ultimate Nathan to retain his belt.

Next up we had the ladies when Inyanga took on Black Widow in a hard fought match, Black Widow obviously having the size advantage dominated most of the match but in the end the WWP womans champion Inyanga ended up finding a way to topple the Man eater that in Black Widow.

Coming off the divas, we saw a brutal match between Renegade and Hotartu, this match was painful to watch with Hortaru risking his life with every move he did to Renegade which in the end, to every fans delight, saw him come off with the victory. Which led to his celebration with his partner and co APWA tag team champion holder Super X

The next match saw Super X take on the Nigerian Prince, The Great Masengo, in a very impressive showing, The Great Masengo was able to hold his own with one half of the APWA tag team champions Super X and came very close to picking up a victory over him until Renegade, still bitter over his previous loss attacked Super X to cause a DQ win for Super X.

Seeing the drama unfold, the new GM John Axel gave Renegade and The Great Masengo a shot at retribution and gave them an option to team up to take on the APWA tag team champions, and to sweeten the deal, the GM even made it a championship match.

In a tremendous show of heart and effort, Super X and Hotaru took on the two giants of Renegade and The Great Masengo but ultimately fell short in capitalizing which resulted in NEW APWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, Renegade and The Great Masengo

The Main Event of the night saw John Axel reveal that The Loudmouth would be Ananzi’s opponent. Loudmouth having been out of action for quite a few months showed very little signs of ring rust when taking on Ananzi, the two put on a hard fought battle with the crowd behind Ananzi but no one knowing who would get the advantage until…

The Lights went out…

When they came back on there were two unknown wrestlers in the ring attacking both Ananzi and The Loudmouth, then their faces were recognizable as SAPW’s own Crow and Hector Payne… the dastardly duo beat down both APWA wrestlers declaring that they were there to take over. With the new GM John Axel pretending to take credit for this invasion a match was made.

APWA vs SAPW in a hardcore match

So much blood sweat and tears were shed in this match with the four competitors brutalizing each other with key boards, CPU’s and Guitars, This match was honestly hard to watch as every wrestler was bleeding and every person in the crowd was on the edge of their seats but in the end, SAPW was standing tall as their specialty match is The Hardcore match and they proved to APWA exactly why that is…

What does this mean for the future of South African Professional Wrestling?

Will APWA invade SAPW shows

Will any of the SAPW wrestlers show up next month to take part in the rumble?

Follow APWA and SAPW to find out what happens nex