APWA – WWP Rumble Revolution 2016

APWA – WWP Rumble Revolution 2 October 2016

APWA - WWP Rumble Revolution 2 October 2016

APWA – WWP Rumble Revolution 2 October 2016




PJ Black

Storm is Coming …………..    Picture it……..Randfontein 2008.

Two of the hottest properties in South African professional wrestling square off. One goes to America to become a superstar in the WWE,

the other stays, opens up a successful wrestling venture and collects several championships.

And yet, there is unresolved issues.

The match ends in a no-contest. Nothing gets sorted………Until now.

The prodigal son, the golden boy of professional wrestling in South Africa from cape town Pj Black F.K.A Justin Gabriel 3 time WWE tag-team champion. A 1 time TNA King of the mountain, the current lucha libre under ground champion. returns to APWA after seven years to settle a score. And to answer a question that has been burning in his mind,,,,,,,,does he have what it takes to defeat the Lion of Africa Ananzi.

This match will settle a score that has been burning in the hearts and minds of wrestling fans that were there those 7 years ago, and reading this now, who really is the best wrestler. It will be the 450 splash vs the Bad Habit, style vs substance,  The Dare wolf vs the Lion of Africa.

Speaking of the best, the new APWA champion will be crowned in an over-the-top-rope battle royal. Since John Axel has taken over GM duties and vacated the championship the company has not had a flag bearer and a number of superstars have an opportunity to be crowned the newest and undisputed champion of APWA.

Conspicuous by his absence of noise Loudmouth has not said much with regards to the beating he took at the hands of Crow and Hector Payne,  who knows what he has in store for anyone who crosses his path.

The show takes place on the 2nd October at 2 PM.  Doors open at 1.

Tickets for the show will be 40 rand. Food and beverages will be served.


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