Ultimate Nathan

Ultimate Nathan


Ultimate Nathan is one of APWA’s hottest and fastest rising star. He is a descendant of Indian Royalty, who believes he is better than everyone else on the APWA Roster. Ultimate Nathan is as cocky as they come, and he will try any means necessary to back himself up. He seeks to steal the spotlight and is hated by almost every wrestler in South Africa.  His mission is to bring upon the “Ultimate Revolution” – which he believes should be the new era in SA Pro wrestling. He also refers to himself as the undisputed Savior of SA Wrestling.  He is both loved and hated by fans, but we all know he doesn’t give a crap!


Signatures: Curb Stomp, Sling blade

Finishers: Ultimate Devastation (Various Deadly Submissions)

Accomplishments:  2016 “Rookie of the year”

APWA Tag Champion

DPW Inter-provincial Champion










Catch him on : Youtube  , Facebook


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